Ergonoise Ergonoise

This is a selection of our past works in music and sound design.

NOS Policy Trailer
with HomemBala and Havas Portugal for NOS

McDonald's McSnacks
with HomemBala and Fullsix Portugal for McDonald's Portugal

Skyhour - Every Second Counts
with FIM for Skyhour

Moche - É isto
with FIM and Fullsix Portugal for MEO

FIFA Guardians
with HomemBala and VMLY&R for FIFA

Zoe Christmas
with Fox Media for Renault Portugal

Rádio Observador Audio Branding
for Observador

Charisma Stories Soundtrack
with StoryFutures for To Play For

Buondi - Tira mais do dia
with HomemBala and BBDO Portugal for Nestlé Portugal

AppCoins Credits
with FIM for Aptoide